Diseño embarcaciones Copa america 33

Las polémicas reglas establecen, entre millones de aspectos las mediadas máximas de los competidores.

Aquí algunas de ellas:

(nota: los puntos “.” significan “,” comas en español)

5. LENGTH (eslora)
5.1 The overall length of the yacht shall be not more than 26.000 m including hull and fittings, but
not including the bowsprit and its rigging or any equipment supplied by ACM. No fittings
shall protrude longitudinally more than 150 mm forward of the stem or 150 mm aft of the
No appendages may protrude forward of the stem or aft of the stern.
6.1 The yacht shall be sloop rigged with one mast only.
6.2 J shall be not be more than 10.000 m
6.3 I shall be not more than 28.500 m
6.4 BAS shall not be less than 2.100 m, nor more than 2.200 m
6.5 P + BAS shall not be more than 33.600 m
6.6 MSA shall not be more than 225.00 m2.
6.7 ISP shall not be more than P + BAS.
6.8 JSP shall not be greater than 13.650 m
7. FREEBOARD (francobordo)
7.1 In measurement condition the yacht shall have the following minimum freeboards
measured from MWP to the sheerline:
(a) at 0.50 m aft of the stem : 1.650 m
(b) at 0.50 m forward of the stern: 1.250 m
(c) midway between these locations: 1.350 m
8. DRAFT (calado)
8.1 In measurement condition the maximum draft shall not be more than 5.000 m from
9. WEIGHT (peso)
America’s Cup© “33” Class Rule Version 1.0 Page No. 8
The measurement weight of the yacht shall not be less than 17400 kg nor more than 17500
10. BEAM (manga)
Maximum overall beam including fittings and any part of the yacht’s standing rigging, mast
or mast support devices shall be 4.800 m. The beam of the yacht shall be measured between
verticals at each side of the yacht set up in a transverse plane perpendicular to the yacht’s
America’s Cup© “33” Class Rule Version 1.0 Page No. 9
13.1 The structural integrity of the yacht is the responsibility of the Competitor. Compliance with
the following requirements does not relieve the Competitor from ensuring the yacht is of
adequate strength.
13.2 The owner, designers and builders of the hull, deck and internal structure shall provide to
the Measurement Committee a signed declaration as set out in AC33 Rule Appendix C
confirming the hull, deck and internal structure have been constructed from materials and
using methods permitted by AC33 Rule 13.
13.3 For the purposes of AC33 Rule 13 only, deck includes the transom, recesses, troughs, and
13.4 The hull and/or deck shall not be loaded or deformed by any device or with any force that
may create deflections that may improve the performance of the yacht other than normal
loads and deflections imposed by the sea or by normal rigging arrangements.
22. MAST (mástil)
22.1 The minimum weight of the mast in mast-measurement condition as specified in AC33 Rule
22.2 shall be 610 kg, having its centre of gravity no less than 14.40 m. above the location of
the sheerline.
23. BOOM (botavara)
23.1 The boom, including any sail groove or sail track but excluding other fittings and associated
local reinforcements, shall not exceed 600 mm in depth. No part of the boom shall exceed
400 mm in width. Struts and outriggers outside these maximum dimensions are prohibited.